Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Rute of Jeirast

Back in June, I wrote about a PhD candidate who had created a deep neural network designed to evaluate all the existing Magic the Gathering cards and from that data design new cards. It inspired a Twitter account called RoboRosewater that publishes one such card every day. I highly encourage you to check it out.

While its not unusual to see cards that look like something that might actually see print, the real fun ones are those that are totally wacky, such as the one from today.

I literally could not stop laughing after seeing this, especially as I scrolled through the comments:

DESTROY ALL PLAYERS. So, with the printing of this card, blue power creep reached critical mass and literally killed Magic.

So, this triggers in the edge case that you have an origins planeswalker and somehow flip it back to a creature when attacked

go home rute, you're drunk

This is interesting, it' a may ability to destroy all players so you only use it when you are behind, makes the players think

As I said last time, Mark Rosewater probably doesn't need to worry about this computer putting R&D out of existence. On the other hand, they should probably still offer this PhD candidate a job. Not that they could afford him...

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