Friday, October 23, 2015

WotC Makes Major Donation for Double League

Yes, you read that right. Late yesterday afternoon, I received word that Wizards of the Coast will be donating 24 packs of Battle for Zendikar as prizes for the Standard Pauper Double League. That's almost $100 worth of value in prizes!

I have long been a proud advocate of the Standard Pauper format. I have written several articles about why I believe that this format is not only good for players but good for Wizards of the Coast as well. So this donation is a big deal. A very big deal. For the first time in our history, Wizards has taken an active step to financially support Standard Pauper.

So let's blow them out of the water with our response. If you've got a voice on social media or elsewhere on the Internet, spread the word about the format and about this event. Even better, drop a line to Lee Sharpe via Twitter and thank him for their generosity, as it was ultimately his decision whether or not to donate. You can also E-mail him at Lee dot Sharpe at wizards dot com. And while you're at it, extend a special thanks to the tireless efforts of Joe Dillard, better known as joekewwl, for his endless lobbying on behalf of the format. He was the one who made the big ask that made this donation possible.

Tomorrow I will be posting on my YouTube page a special video about the event and announcing the prize distribution for the tournament. Keep an eye here and on my Twitter account for when that goes live. And if you haven't already sign up for this event, check out all the details here, and send an E-mail to gwyned at gmail dot com with your MTGO username and time zone to register.


  1. All I can say is...WOW! This really is the biggest piece of good news Standard Pauper has ever received. This doesn't just make my day, it makes my whole year! Great job to all involved, especially Joe for being a constant liaison between our community and WotC, to Gwyned, DrChris, and rremedio1 for keeping the PRE's running even when things looked darkest, and for all the players who keep showing up and signing on to play Standard Pauper. This may end up being the best year to be a Standard Pauper player in the format's history!

    1. And then you find out that they are killing support for standard pauper on MTGO. You really have to wonder if the people who decide stuff at WOTC ever talk to each other now and then.

  2. Indeed lets make this a Hugh event. Thanks to the community for their support and to WOTC.

  3. Thank you George for running this event.