Thursday, October 1, 2015

Yup, Still More Eldrazi

Still working on my full set review, and still blogging about all of the endless Eldrazi at Common in Battle for Zendikar. There are 20 Eldrazi in the set altogether, represented not only as colorless creatures but also within each of the five colors except White (although, thanks to the Devoid mechanic, they are technically still colorless in all respects save for their casting cost). So far I've covered all of the Red and Blue, as well as most of the Colorless ones. Today, let's look at those that can be cast with Green mana.

1. Blisterpod is an interesting take on the typical ability to generate 1/1 Eldrazi Scions. As I've mentioned often, a 1/1 for 1 is almost never worth it in any format, Constructed or otherwise, as the impact is just too small to be worth a card slot in your deck. Blisterpod at least has the decency to replace itself when it dies, which makes it an excellent sacrifice target. But unless you're getting significant value out of that mechanic, this isn't a card you should be playing. Yes, you're getting two Power and Toughness for a single Green mana, but the fact that you only get one of them at a time makes that pretty insignificant.
2. Eyeless Watcher seems to be a "fixed" Kozilek's Predator in that it still gives you three Power worth of creatures for 3G and the two Eldrazi tokens that can be sacrificed for additional mana. But actually, this card plays much more like a Green Captain's Call, giving you three 1/1 creatures at Sorcery speed for four mana. While not amazing, the fact that two of those creatures can also be converted into additional mana later is a nice bonus. Whether you're trying to ramp up to bigger creatures or just play a dedicated tokens build, this seems like it would slot in pretty well. But outside of those specific strategies, I don't anticipate seeing much of this card.

By my count I've got five more Eldrazi to cover - four in Black plus one additional colorless - so I should finally finish them all soon - probably just in time for the release of my second installment of my set review. Thanks for reading, and see you next time.

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