Thursday, August 15, 2013

Another Standard Pauper Tournament, Part 2

Last time, I wrote about a brand new, upcoming "league-style" Standard Pauper tournament starting next week, sponsored by none other than The Hipsters of the Coast. Shortly before writing that blog post, I contacted Zachary Barash, the host of the event, to register and to make a special offer to him related to the event.

Here's what I originally wrote:

... I was curious if you would be open to additional sponsorship. I would like to offer the following incentive: if we get at least 40 players participating,  I will throw in an additional booster pack each week for another random participant. If we fall short of that goal, I will still give out a foil Standard Pauper card each week valued at least 25 cents (even most foil Standard Commons rarely top out above 30 cents). I am also planning on videocasting my matches and blogging and/or writing an article about this event over at
Obviously, I believe this is a great opportunity, and one which I will gladly support by putting my money where my mouth is and doing whatever I can to make this a success. But I had no idea just how popular this event had already become. Here's the response that I received from Zach:
Thank you so much for the kind words, your post, and your generous offer.  I'm happy to accept, though I must warn you—we've already topped fifty participants. You're welcome to videocast, blog, and continue to write about this (I'll be streaming and writing about it, as well).
So much for my incentive! Even without offering, we're already well past the 40 participant threshold! Nonetheless, my offer still stands. Each week, I will be donating a different booster from a Standard legal set to the host to give out to another random player.  And, as I said, I will be video-casting each of my matches and contributing a weekly article to each week covering this event.

And since so many MTGO players out there are planning on participating in this event, I'd love to hear what you think is the strongest deck in the format and why you think that. I'm personally playing with a couple different builds and testing them out, so between now and then you'll find me in the Just For Fun room on Magic Online playing lots of Standard Pauper. Hope to see you there!

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  1. The most powerful deck in the format is Mono Blue.

    This deck is controlling and while it is not great against any one other deck it is good against many.

    Aggro decks die to Saruuli Gatekeeper.
    Gate decks die to mill.
    Mill decks die to burn decks.
    Burn decks die to Saruuli Gatekeepers.

    Mono Blue only really has trouble with the mirror match as the board stalls can get really complicated.

    Ghostly flicker is the main cause of this as the gatekeepers generate so much value other decks just can not really keep up.

    Extort decks are cool but can run aground of flicker assembling its combo before they finish the job.

    but hey I might be wrong with m14 added into the mix