Thursday, August 8, 2013

Standard Peasant Event Part Two

Last time, I wrote about a special event I participated in using the Standard Peasant format. In case you're not familiar with that format, Peasant is similar to Pauper in that it utilizes only Commons, with the caveat that between your Sideboard and main deck you may include up to 5 Uncommons. Standard Peasant, then, is the Peasant format but limited only to the Standard cardpool. Got that straight now?

With the ability to run this small number of Uncommons, the format is certainly defined by the Uncommons that are played, and in this particular case, the Uncommons that were considered Commons due to their printing as a Common in an earlier set. Like I mentioned last time, I made the choice to build around the Uncommon powerhouse Corrupt. Here is the deck that I ran in this event:

MonoB Peasant
by gwyned
4 Bloodhunter Bat
4 Dead Reveler
4 Highborn Ghoul
3 Servant of Nefarox
3 Vampire Nighthawk
2 Sengir Vampire
20 cards

Other Spells
4 Doom Blade
4 Quag Sickness
4 Sign in Blood
4 Stab Wound
2 Corrupt
18 cards
19 Swamp
3 Haunted Fengraf
22 cards


While I initially thought I had a pretty strong build, I was somewhat disappointed with my results.  I ended up going 2-2, losing both Round 3 of Swiss and Top 8. I faced two very aggressive decks in Round 1 and 2, surviving thanks to the ample Lifegain available to this deck. Then in Round 3 I was demolished by a Hexproof deck that I really had no answers to. Then, in Top 8, I drew poorly and really never got going against a fast Selesnya deck.

If I ran this deck again, I would probably cut the Sengir Vampires for more removal and included four copies of Shrivel in the Sideboard. Shrivel would have been absolutely back-breaking against all three of the decks I faced in the Swiss rounds, and its absence was clearly a mistake on my part. It is also worth looking at the other Mono-Black deck ran by Malum for some other ideas worth trying out.

In any case, for your viewing please, I have included a videocast of my Round 1 match. I hope you enjoy watching it, and I will see you next time!


  1. I admit i like your deck a lot and i might of had a bit of an advantage with the meta basing my deck on some of the strongest uncommons you will find in standard Silverblack.

    Barter in Blood My deck is built to take advantage of the graveyard so sacrificing my own creatures is not a problem. This makes fast decks take a back seat especially if you get them to over commit and trade your creatures off.

    I have to admit I loved your sideboard tech I completely forgot about Tormod's Crypt and I think this card should be in nearly every side board.

    All in all I really liked the deck i saw in this event and I want to host another Standard Pauper Peasant

  2. This is Malum... I need to remember that this uses my real name to post.