Thursday, August 22, 2013

Updates and Info

For today's post I have two pieces off information that I want to make sure I get out to my readers.

First, I have just submitted my introductory article over at for the Hipsters of the Coast Standard Pauper event. If you want to keep up with this great event, make sure you keep up with my weekly articles over at PureMTGO for the duration. As soon as it's published, the article should be available here.

Second, way back in February I mentioned that was a decent source of information for Standard Pauper. Earlier this summer, the main content producer Dan wrote an entire article on the Flickergate deck and how it stacks up against the field in Standard Pauper. Despite the release of Magic 2014 since then, the content is still very relevant. Considering that this deck archetype continues to achieve strong finishes, I strongly suggest you check this out. To whet your appetite, here is a video where he discusses the deck.

That's it for now. If you are on Magic Online late this afternoon (EDT), you might be able to catch me playing out my match against rbernardinello for the first week of the Hipsters event. If not, next time you're online, send me a Standard Pauper match challenge! I always enjoy the chance to get to interact with other Standard Pauper players.

See you next time.

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